How to Enjoy a Trip with a Family Member Who Is Developmentally Disabled

If you plan to travel abroad for a family vacation, there is absolutely no reason for your family member with a developmental disability to stay home. Having a developmental disability doesn’t mean you should stop enjoying the life you deserve. Here are some of the best ways to enjoy a memorable trip with your entire family:

Plan in Advance

Besides the regular packing and preparation for a family vacation, you should also plan and equip properly to meet the specific needs of your developmentally disabled family member. For example, if you will stay at a hotel, call ahead to find out if they have accommodation that is safe for your disabled family member, such as:

  • Accessibility to quiet rooms for people with sensory issues
  • Balcony door locks for individuals with developmental disabilities who tend to wander.
A family photo

Although hotels and transportation service providers in the US must adhere to the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA), you can’t expect the same when traveling abroad. So, plan to avoid stress and have a good time.

Show Interactive Guides and Workbooks

As you book tickets for the trip, you must prevent travel anxieties that your family members with special needs may experience. Therefore, the best way to minimize their anxiety is to navigate them through the transportation process using interactive guides and workbooks. It is the best way to eliminate the element of surprise.

Share the guides with them to describe different situations and appropriate cues so they feel happy at the time of departure instead of anxious. Taking your loved ones on a family trip will encourage them to explore the world outside their comfort zone and break boundaries.

Make Sure to Carry All Important Medication  

If your family member with a developmental disability requires medication, don’t forget to pack them. Also, make sure to put medication in the bag you will carry, not the bags that will be checked. It will make the medication more accessible for the family member who needs it at all times. Furthermore, it’s a good idea to pack extra medication in another bag. It will help if you want to extend your trip or your return flight gets delayed due to weather issues or other reasons.  

Follow these tips to enjoy a fun and worry-free family trip with all your loved ones. At CCCS, we also offer services like group homes and day living support to help individuals with disabilities experience fulfilling and independent lives. For more information or assistance, contact us today.