Support for Disabled


Care and Support for Disabled People Delivered With Compassion and Empathy


Whether you have acquired a physical disability recently or have lived with it for several years, reach out to us and benefit from our specialized support for disabled services. Give us a chance to care for you and make you feel safe, in control, and reassured.

At Comfort Care Community Services, we provide tailored support according to your requirements- helping you feel more engaged, active, and fulfilled. We offer a personalized service to help you reach your individual goals successfully. At CCCS, we believe that there is absolutely nothing more rewarding than assisting and supporting people with disabilities to feel empowered and in charge of their lives.

Support for Disabled- How We Do it?


A disability can be temporary, inherited, acquired, or lifelong. But don’t worry; no matter the disability type, we can help. Our team of passionate, loving, friendly, and compassionate caregivers is at your service to make your life easier, better, and happier. We aspire to help people with disabilities enjoy and experience quality living which they too deserve, just like others.


Our support services for the disabled are comprehensive. However, we understand that one solution doesn’t work for everyone, even if they have the same type of disability. Every person is different. Hence, we support the disabled according to the client’s lifestyle and requirements.

We first learn about your preferences and needs to provide you with the best service. Having this information allows us to formulate a support plan with the right services that best meet your needs. From professional intervention to therapies, medical assistance, and home care services, we help people with different physical and intellectual disabilities cope with daily life challenges with great strength and a smile.

Top-Notch Support for the Disabled Delivered By the Best Care Givers


With us, you don’t have to leave your independent lifestyle and live in a rehab or a nursing home before you recover. Benefit from our support services and enjoy the recovery process in the comfort of your own space with peace of mind and complete privacy.

Our caregivers are background-checked and fully vetted. Rest assured, you have nothing to worry about with us. Our dedicated professionals will work with you cohesively, ensuring all your needs are met, and you recover fast.

Our top-notch support services include but are not limited to:

At Comfort Care Community Services, we go above and beyond to serve you. We also extend our support services beyond residential settings- including host homes and group homes.


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