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At Comfort Care Community Services, we believe every physically or mentally disabled person has unique care needs. Therefore, we strive to recognize the needs of our clients with different disabilities and provide a wide array of support options designed to help them better manage their conditions.

Our ultimate goal is to empower people with physical or intellectual disabilities to take control of their lives and become more independent. So, feel free to check out support services and get in touch with our team right away!

We provide professional intervention, therapies, and support to help people with different physical and intellectual disabilities. Our support includes taking clients on outings, supervising their activities, acting in emergencies, and being a supportive companion to help them meet their care needs.

Our highly trained and experienced staff caters to hundreds of individuals with disabilities in Utah, helping them overcome age-related issues, autism, catastrophic injuries, and other challenges. So, we’ve got you covered whether you’re looking for in-home support, day programs, host homes, or supported living.

CCCS is committed to excellence in serving people with age-related, physical, or intellectual disabilities by offering professional assistance with domestic and commercial cleaning. Our cleaning experts are equipped with industry-standard equipment and EPA-approved cleaning supplies to handle any cleaning challenge.

Our cleaning services include homes, apartments, offices, hotels, restaurants, and other commercial/residential buildings in Utah.

At CCCS, we provide a state-of-the-art facility (group home) for residential habilitation support for people with disabilities. With this unique service, we strive to help individuals become more confident and comfortable in their communities by prompting them to maximize their potential and capabilities in a group setting.

We offer a wide array of activities and support programs to improve socialization skills, spatial awareness, self-care, community participation, and financial asset management, among other things.

Are you looking to live independently in your community? Perhaps, all you need is a little nudge in the right direction without our tailored support living services designed to help individuals with different disabilities achieve their personal goals and independence.

Our experienced support staff trains clients with several skills, from food preparation to budget and money management, household chores, personal care, and more. With our help and your commitment, you can live a full and meaningful life within your community.

Our group home is an excellent choice for individuals seeking an alternative to institutional care. We provide a state-of-the-art housing facility for disabled adults and teenagers with an in-house medical, cleaning, and cooking staff. We also have a team of specialists for different therapies and treatments.

Moreover, to improve social bonding and community participation, we host several recreational and educational activities, such as field trips, dinners, and sports tournaments. Our group home services are also ideal for individuals looking to live independently but need time and more attention to the transition.

At CCCS, we provide a center and home-based day support program for people with disabilities to provide respite for caretakers (family or friends). Our day support individuals help participants by involving them in activities that promote social functioning and improve their communication and EQ skills.

We also empower participants to set their own fitness and learning goals so they can take control of their development during the program.

CCCS provides extended living support through group or individual socialization, personal care, and professional supervision for disabled persons who don’t work or attend school. This transitional program is ideal for people recovering from illnesses or surgery, on school breaks, or those with limited care at home.

Our ELS services include chores, companionship, personal assistance, non-medical transportation (chores, recreation, etc.), and more.

Money management is an essential life skill for adults. However, many people with intellectual disabilities struggle to cover expenses, pay bills, and budget. Therefore, we offer s specialized program designed to help these individuals improve their financial skills to learn how to spend and save money smartly.

This program is highly beneficial for disabled adults who want to live independently and control every aspect of their professional and personal lives.

We Offer Wheelchair Vans For Bookings


One of the biggest challenges mobility-impaired individuals in wheelchairs face is transportation. Therefore, to fix this problem, CCCS offers a booking-based wheelchair van service for medical and non-medical transportation in Utah.

So, feel free to get in touch with us and let us take you where you need to go quickly and safely.

We Offer the Best Cleaning Services


At CCCS, we offer high-quality domestic and commercial cleaning services for disabled people in Utah and their caretakers. With our professional intervention, you can improve personal care and ensure your living space is spotless at all times.

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