Support Living


Support that Fits Around You Seamlessly


At Comfort Care Community Services, we believe everyone deserves to live their life to the fullest, and this includes people with disabilities. Due to this belief, we are committed to offering quality support living services.

Our support living program fits around you, your goals, and your ambitions seamlessly so you can live a more fulfilling and rewarding life. Experience greater independence and full control with personalized support centered on your needs.

Feel Empowered Through Skill Development


Our support living service has a person-centered approach that empowers you to experience maximum independence through skill development. It includes but is not limited to the following:


So, we can help whether you want to learn a new life skill, like money management or cooking, or gain confidence to take on a new hobby or socialize more. Our compassionate team of caregivers is here to encourage and support you to embrace life without limitation. With our help and your commitment, you can live a full and meaningful life within your community.

We Make Individual Choice a Reality


At CCCS, we are dedicated to providing people with intellectual and developmental disabilities quality training in the development of skills they need for optimum independence. We strive to promote independent living and community integration for a happy life and complete community participation. We support individuals in the best possible way.

Here’s how we make the individual choice a sheer reality:


We offer tailored support with creative and customized approaches for supporting successful outcomes. Our skilled support team works cohesively with every individual and their family to create a support living plan that works for them, facilitating each individual’s unique interests, desires, and needs.

Our experts have a detailed conversation with you and your family members to build a solid understanding of your history, current situation, and future goals. Once we have all the necessary information, we create a customized support living plan.

At CCCS, we go above and beyond to assist you, helping you beyond just creating and implementing a support living plan. Our professionals also regularly review the progress. This review process helps us recognize and celebrate every achievement, keeping you motivated.

Skill Development That Helps Individuals With Disabilities Achieve More


At Comfort Care Community Services, we encourage you to set new goals to achieve even more and live a fulfilling life. We believe that skill development through support living efforts is one of the best ways to empower individuals to embrace individual lifestyles while improving economic capacities.

Support living plans increase economic capacities through newly learned and developed skills, functional autonomy, and self-esteem. Contact us today for more information or to benefit from our support living program.

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