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Strongly Committed to Improving the Lives of People With Disabilities Because We Care!









Who We Are


Founded in [insert year], Comfort Care Community Services (CCCS) is a trusted, reliable, and licensed company headquartered in West Valley, Utah. Our mission is to help individuals with disabilities maintain an independent, enjoyable, and safe lifestyle without worries.

At Comfort Care Community Services, we bring happiness, hope, and joy into the lives of disabled people by serving them with immediate care, compassion, and unwavering commitment. These are also our values at CCCS. We are proud to have built our stellar market reputation on our service excellence and core values (which lay the foundation for how we work and serve the community).


What We Do


CCCS genuinely cares. We provide quality, customized, and comprehensive assistance to people with disabilities in residential settings, including their own homes, group, or host homes.

Our goal is to empower individuals to live life at its best regardless of the nature or type of disability. So, whether the disability is caused by an accident, disease, or aging, we are here to assist you in embracing life and taking complete control. Hence, our motto is “Who needs my help today?

Rest assured, we are your trusted resource to continue living independently, safely, and with peace of mind. We are at your service when you need us most. Our levels of support services include but are not limited to:

How We Do It


At Comfort Care Community Services, we offer customer-centered care through a passionate team of skilled, well-trained, and licensed caregivers who share the same values as our company. We start by creating a customized care plan with services designed to meet your every need responsibly and with complete satisfaction.

We build a solid and collaborative relationship with you because we believe nobody knows your health needs and home quite like you. Rest assured, we help you retain optimum control over the care plan we design so you can enjoy the best service.


Our Team Is Our Asset


We take pride in our team of caregivers. We provide clients with needed care professionally, compassionately, and with a smile. Moreover, our caregivers demonstrate strong work ethic and excellent interpersonal, communication, and time management skills. We are friendly and patient, serving as supportive companions and ensuring your care journey is smooth and stress-free.

Why Choose Us?


Given that CCCS roots are local, you must have already seen our caregiver in your community. We are a preferred choice among families that need caregivers for their loved ones because of many reasons, such as:

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