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Through an extended living support program, we strive to help people with intellectual and physical disabilities feel empowered and thrive throughout their lifetime. At CCCS, we believe that having a disability shouldn’t mean being excluded. Whether affected by a disability because of a disease, aging, or injury, it is essential to provide extended living support so people can reach their God-given potential and live fulfilling lives. We aim to work towards this goal.

At Comfort Care Community Services, we help people with disabilities thrive without limitations or constraints. We offer various support services to assist people with severe mental disabilities, helping them overcome challenges and live a more self-sufficient life. We aspire to help you live a meaningful life, growing and thriving in the community without feeling excluded.

Who Is It For?


The program is beneficial for people with intellectual and physical disabilities. However, it is best for those who need help:

It’s the best program for people with temporary disabilities. In such a program, our experienced and background-checked caregiver can visit you at home or group home and assist you with your needs.


Extended Living Support (ELS) Services
What’s Included?


Our ELS services include

Other services include:

Individualized Plan


At CCCS, our team works with you cohesively to create an individualized plan that best suits your requirements. Based on the level of need, we will devise a program with services that help you develop and maintain the necessary skills you require to sustain a sufficient lifestyle by yourself while becoming a productive community member. We aspire to provide services that can help you move towards a normal life, regardless of whether it is a temporary or permanent disability.


Qualified Staff


Our extended living support services are offered by qualified caregivers with all applicable licenses as required in the Utah Administrative Code R501. We conform to all insurance requirements and local permits and ordinances. Rest assured, with us, you get the best services from a trusted and reliable team of professionals who genuinely care about you.

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