Commercial Cleaning


Thorough Commercial Cleaning Services for Care Facilities


At Comfort Care Community Services, we believe any business can benefit from commercial cleaning services, including disabled care centers and related facilities. We provide exceptional decontamination services to ensure your bathrooms, living spaces, and equipment are properly cleaned and sanitized to ensure compliance with health regulations and offer peace of mind.


Why Opt for Commercial Cleaning?


Since the pandemic, many care businesses and individuals have struggled to keep their facilities clean while managing their core care activities and programs. Commercial cleaning services provide an excellent alternative to in-house cleaning for the following reasons (and more):

More Cost-Effective

Commercial cleaning services can be more cost-effective depending on your care facility or business size. Professional cleaners undergo extensive training and are equipped with powerful equipment and supplies to handle any cleaning problem quickly and safely.

Keeps Clients Happy

As a care facility or agency working with different types of disabled individuals, you want to ensure your space is clean and free of contaminants. Opting for a commercial cleaning service can foster a safer care environment for everyone.

All-Inclusive Cleaning

By opting for commercial cleaning services, you can enjoy a wide array of added services on top of regular housekeeping, including (but not limited to):

Our Cleaning Process


Below is an overview of how we clean commercial care facilities and other properties in Utah:

Decluttering and Trash Disposal

We initiate the cleaning process by decluttering your space and collecting paper, food, and other types of waste for safe disposal.


Next, our team dusts furniture, doors, and other surfaces to sweep off any dirt or debris before wet cleaning.

Damp Wiping

Once your space is dust-free, we use damp clothes mixed with powerful disinfectants to wipe all surfaces to destroy bacteria and viruses concentrated on them. Next, we restock and rearrange your teams and furniture.

Cleaning Floors

Once we’re done with the vertical surfaces, we move to the lower areas and dust and mop floors using standard EPA-approved solutions and equipment. We can also rearrange any moved furniture or items to complete the process and let the space dry. We also put necessary signs in place to prevent injuries or accidents, especially in high-traffic areas.

Avail Of CCCS’ Top-Notch Commercial Cleaning Services


At CCCS, we offer premium commercial cleaning services for disabled people in Utah, care facilities, and other related businesses. Regardless of your space size, facilities, furniture, and human traffic, we can ensure your facility is free of dust, dirt, and other contaminants at all times.

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