Facility Maintenance


Delivering Care with Excellence and Responsibly


At Comfort Care Community Services, we are committed to making the lives of people with disabilities as comfortable as possible. Hence, we go above and beyond to serve you. And this is evident from our detail-oriented facility maintenance service. Our CCCS experts strive to improve access and the use of facilities for disabled employees.

Partner with us for facility maintenance service today. It is the ultimate way to ensure that infrastructure and physical assets are fully-utilized to create a safe environment that conforms to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

How Do You Benefit From Our Facility Maintenance Services?


As a US employer, you must ensure your facility is friendly for all employees. Hence, you need to make reasonable adjustments for physically challenged employees, and that’s where we provide our expertise.

When you collaborate with us for facility maintenance service, you can rest assured about working with the most compassionate and well-trained people. We are genuinely interested in making your facility friendly for everyone- including people with disabilities. Our team ensures your facility reflects diversity and supports employment goals.

We pay attention to every little detail of your facility maintenance, minimizing the risk of liability charges- that can otherwise cost your businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars and sometimes even more. Our goal is to help you create a productive, safe and efficient environment- one of the core elements of business success.

Facility Maintenance
What We Do?


At Comfort Care Community Services, we offer highly-communicative and comprehensive facility maintenance experience with complete satisfaction. Our access to a well-trained crew, specialized machinery and equipment, and unmatched expertise enables us to work on every facility maintenance project with excellence and efficiency from start to finish.


We believe quality work and excellent communication are crucial to establishing long-term client relationships. And that’s what we do. Taking a relationship work approach in all we do, we take pride in becoming the preferred partner for asset maintenance services.

We assist you with all facility maintenance needs and services, including but not limited to the following:

Boost Morale and Productivity


Nearly 20 percent of the people in the US have a functional disability that impacts their ability to climb stairs or walk, see and grasp objects. Due to this, many people with disabilities can lose their morale to work and performance below their potential.

However, when you join hands with us for facility maintenance, rest assured you can provide your employees with a comfortable and safe space designed to accommodate their unique needs, thereby boosting their satisfaction levels and morale at work. So, contact us today to ensure your facility is well-maintained and designed for employees with disabilities.

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