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Home is Where the Heart is.


People with disabilities often have the most challenging time while performing daily activities, especially when they have no extra help or support. This is when a group home becomes a true blessing. At Comfort Care Community Services, we open the doors to our warm and welcoming group home for the disabled.

Our group home is a shared residence accommodating individuals with physical and intellectual disabilities. It’s a small care home with a loving, well-trained staff to support residents’ day-to-day activities in a nurturing environment. At CCCS, we take pride in providing individuals with a range of disabilities group homes to live comfortably while getting on the path to a speedy recovery. We aim to create homes where people feel safe, happy, and included.

Group Home Services


At CCCS, we are experienced and well-trained to provide quality care and meaningful services to people with special care needs. We aspire to provide a family-oriented, caring, and positive environment that fosters personal development and growth. Our group home program is ideally designed for individuals who want to live independently but require mental stability, time, and skills to transition smoothly. At Comfort Care Community Services, we maximize community living and inclusion. Our supportive relationships give our group home residents the strength and confidence they need to become independent and actively participate in community-based activities.


How Residents Benefit


At Comfort Care Community Services, we provide quality group home arrangements to individuals who require support. Our group homes are ideal places for those people who need assistance with daily life activities because of a temporary or permanent disability. We provide a state-of-the-art housing facility with an in-house medical, cleaning, and cooking staff. We also have a team of specialists for different therapies and treatments.

Some of the top benefits of living in our group home are:

Opportunities to Socialize

Many people with physical disabilities often confine themselves to their homes. It further leads to depression and isolation. However, living with other people in a group home makes socializing easier. The group home residents have a lot of peer interaction. They become their own supportive and special community. In our group home, everyone is treated with dignity and respect.

We also host plenty of recreational activities like field trips, sports tournaments, and dinners. All these activities help improve the residents’ self-esteem, building the confidence they need to transition to an independent lifestyle.

Learning Daily Life Skills

We set the stage for independence and success. Not only do we assist you with but we also teach you daily living skills like cleaning your room and making the bed. We also provide you training and support necessary to become productive and independent community members. Most skills are taught via carefully planned and repetitive exercises and tasks for self-sufficiency.

One Big Happy Family


Living in our group home is like living in one big happy family. The comfortable and relaxing environment makes residents feel at home. We strive to help residents enjoy their time living with us by creating beautiful memories they can cherish forever. With us, residents feel accepted and loved.

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