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Enriching Lives


Living with a disability is challenging if it occurs unexpectedly because of an accident or ailment. This change can take a toll on the individual, especially if they have lived an active life. Moreover, physical or intellectual limitations can lead to mental disorders, too, such as depression and personality disorders. In such a situation, they may avoid social interactions and prefer isolation.

If you or a beloved is in a similar situation, don’t lose hope; contact us for day support living services. Our center and home-based day support individual services are designed to help people regain control over their lives and enjoy it to the fullest.

Day Support Living- Inclusion Elevates


At CCCS, we love to support people. We believe that inclusion elevates people. Therefore, engaging people with disabilities in social activities is the best way to improve their health and overall well-being. And that’s what we do.

Whether your loved one is facing an intellectual or physical disability, we have plenty of disability-support living activities designed to promote engagement and participation. We aspire to provide the social support people with disabilities need to feel good, loved, and confident. After all, sometimes a little adventure is all it takes to make you happy and brighten your day.


We offer a variety of day support individual programs for disabled individuals, such as:

How Do Participants Benefit From Our Day Support Programs?


Our day support programs are designed to empower and uplift people, bringing them joy and happiness. Other great benefits of participating in our day support individual program are:

Learning New Skills

We believe disability should never come in your learning and personal growth path. Therefore, we provide you with a variety of activities, like music therapy, that you can enjoy based on your personal interest. Learn a new skill while experiencing self-growth and building higher self-esteem.

Improve Health

Fitness classes are a great way to engage in physical activities while making friends and having fun. Besides this, physical activities are equally essential for disabled individuals as they are for others. It improves and maintains physical health and psychological well-being. Moreover, it releases endorphins- the feel good hormones.

Effective Communication

Through our day support programs, you can develop numeracy and literacy skills that greatly impact your health and social outcomes. Literacy skills primarily help with effective communication through writing, speaking, listening, and reading, while numeracy skills help with money handling and help make independent choices in daily life activities.

We also offer other interactive activities to promote teamwork, communication, and collaboration among people with disabilities. We promote social interactions which help disabled individuals further their effective communication. It helps them practice eye contact, learn empathy, and develop listening skills.

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