Guidelines for Family Caretakers on Wheelchair Care

Wheelchairs are crucial for people suffering from mobility disabilities as they enable the user to move around with minimum help. If you have a family member with a mobility disability, knowing about proper wheelchair care is vital. Maintenance of the wheelchair is as essential as any other means of transport to ensure the quality of living for disabled people.

In this post, we’ll share guidelines for wheelchair care and maintenance. Read on to learn the best tips to ensure your family member’s wheelchair is in top condition and safe to ride.

Double Check the Pressure of the Tires

As tires come in contact with the ground directly, they should be in top condition. Proper air pressure in the tires is crucial to distribute the weight of the user and wheelchair across the tread pattern of the tires. It provides the tires agility and stability. However, if the tires are over-inflated, they can lose their rigidness and affect their handling negatively.

Likewise, the tires can quickly wear and tear if they are under-inflated. Worn-down tires are difficult to manage and increase the risk of accidents and falls. Therefore, use a manometer to ensure both tires of the wheelchair have the same pressure for improved driving smoothness, performance, speed, control, and maneuverability. Also, the procedure should be carried out weekly.

A man with a mobility disability

Check the Inner Tubes

Most wheelchairs today come with tires with air-filled inner tubes. The lack of air in inner tubes can make the wheelchair less flexible and difficult to adapt to different terrains. Therefore, you need to check the inner tubes of the tires.

Inspect Wheel Bearings

The bearings of the wheel facilitate free rotation. However, if the bearings are damaged, they can increase rolling resistance. It can make the user put more energy and stress on the shoulders to propel the wheelchair.

One of the first signs of damaged or problematic bearings is the knocking noise or the squeaky moan. Hence, before your family member rides it, as a caretaker, inspect the bearings and check if they work properly. Lift one wheelchair side off the ground and then spin the wheel. See if it rotates properly. If the wheel slows down and stops, the bolt and nut of the bearing are too tight. However, if the wheel rotates slowly and begins to move backward, it means the wheel’s bearing is not compressed and is loose.

Check Spokes

Spokes in the wheelchair should have equal tension. However, with time, they become damaged and loosened. It is vital to check them frequently and get the damaged spokes fixed immediately by a wheelchair maintenance expert to prevent the wheels from wobbling side to side.

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